Breitbeck Park

Breitbeck Park is the only park in Oswego to overlook the beautiful Lake Ontario. Built after World War II, it contains 15 acres and is located in the west harbor area. When you travel to Breitbeck you can enjoy the day gazing at the Lake, the extravagent Lighthouse or one of the many Marina's in Oswego.


The Lighthouse is located on the beautiful Lake Ontario. In 1821, the New York Legislature ceded six acres of land on the Oswego River for the lighthouse to be built. The first lighthouse was erected in 1822 and the present day lighthouse was erected in 1934. The United States Coast Guard Station in Oswego presently owns and operates the lighthouse. Even though it is not open to the public, the lighthouse can be viewed beautifully from Breitbeck Park.

Click here to view another picture of Oswego's Lighthouse

Kingsford Starch Factory Bell



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