Rental Assistance Programs

The City of Oswego Rental Assistance Program is a federally funded program that assists eligible low-income families, the elderly, disabled and handicapped individuals pay a portion of their monthly rental payments based on household income and family composition.

Housing Choice Voucher Program- Under the tenant based Housing Choice Voucher Program, the City of Oswego Rental Assistance Program issues the family a housing voucher and the family selects a unit of its choice.  If the family moves after the expiration of their lease, they can receive continued assistance at a new unit.

Family Self Sufficiency Program - The Family Self Sufficiency Program was created to assist participants on the Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Project Based Voucher Program to become economically independent.  The City of Oswego Rental Assistance Program’s goal is to link FSS participants to services and economic opportunities so they can transition to employment and economic self-sufficiency. 


Eligibility Criteria

The family must meet all the eligibility criteria for the program that is set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Oswego Rental Assistance Program as follows:

  • Household Composition
  • Income Limits
  • Citizenship/Alien Status
  • Screening for Illegal Substance Abuse and Violent Criminal Activity
  • Non-admission of past participants who owe outstanding claims until the claim is repaid.

*Effective 2/15/2005 preference will be given to applicants who live or work in the City of Oswego/County of Oswego. In addition, the elderly, handicapped, disabled families and families with children will be given preference over single, healthy adults and all non-residents.


The City of Oswego Rental Assistance Program is limited in the number of families that can be assisted. Therefore, all interested parties must complete an application and be placed on a waiting list according to date and time of application. The family will not be eligible for assistance until their name reaches the top of the waiting list and they are determined to be eligible for the program.

Interested parties can contact the City of Oswego Rental Assistance Program at 343-3452 or stop by our offices, located at 20 W. Oneida St., 3rd floor, Oswego, NY 13126

Rental Assistance Application Sec. 8 Application

Income Limits As of 1/1/2014

Number in Family Very Low Income Limit Extremely Low Income Limit*
1 $23,700 $14,250
2 $27,100 $16,250
3 $30,500 $18,300
4 $33,850 $20,300
5 $36,600 $21,950
6 $39,300 $23,550
7 $42,000 $25,200
8 $44,700 $26,800

* HUD Regulations require that 75% of all admissions be at or below the extremely low income limits

For further information please contact:
Rental Assistance Administrator
Beverly Mulcahey
Community Development Office
20 West Oneida Street, 3rd Floor
Oswego, NY 13126
Telephone #: (315) 343-3452