Oswego Common Council

Left to right: Bottom row: Councilor Shawn P. Walker - 4th Ward, Councilor Michael R. Myers - 2nd Ward, Councilor Eric I. VanBuren - 6th Ward, Middle row: Councilor William J. Barlow - 5th Ward, Mayor Thomas Gillen, Councilor Michael E. Todd - 3rd Ward, Top row: Councilor Ronald T. Kaplewicz - 7th Ward, Councilor Francis Enwright - 1st Ward



First ward:

Councilor Francis Enwright

(elected 2 year term)

343-6423 (HOME) email:.franenwright@gmail.com

Second ward:

Councilor Michael R. Myers

(re-elected 2 year term)

342-8597 (HOME) email:.tmyers13@twcny.rr.com

Third Ward:

Councilor Michael Todd

(elected 2 year term)

529-2520 (HOME) email:.metodd31@gmail.com

Fourth Ward:

Councilor Shawn P. Walker     

(re-elected 2 year term)

343-4126 (HOME) email:.swalker11@twcny.rr.com

Fifth Ward:

Councilor William J. Barlow, Jr.

(elected 2 year term)

402-6647 (HOME) email:.electBarlow@gmail.com

Sixth Ward:

Councilor Eric I. VanBuren

(elected 2 year term)

592-1149 (HOME) email:.eric.vanburen6@gmail.com

Seventh Ward:

Councilor Ronald T. Kaplewicz

(elected 2 year term)

216-4045 (HOME) email:.aldermankaplewicz@gmail.com


To contact a City of Oswego Alderman, write to:
Office of the Common Council
City Hall
Oswego, New York 13126
ATTN: Secretary to the Common Council
or phone: (315) 342-8137



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