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Mayor Barlow announces City pool opening on July 6th

Mayor Barlow announces City pool opening on July 6th

  Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow announced the Charles E. Gallagher City Public Pool will open on July 6th, 2018.  The opening of the public swimming pool was pushed back this year due to additional maintenance being performed around the pool area.  The opening of the pool comes on the heels of Mayor Barlow and the Oswego Common Council waiving the daily swimming fee for City of Oswego residents.  The City hopes eliminating the fee encourages more children and families to use the City pool so officials have prepared for larger crowds this year.  Last year the Charles E. Gallagher Pool had several improvements made towards the end of the swimming season including the addition of a sand box, a handicap accessible splash pad and other minor improvements as the City aimed to improve and enhance the public.  

"I am excited to see our children enter the pool and use the additions we implemented late last season.  These improvements, complimented by eliminating the daily fee for City residents should increase the use of the City pool and overall will make our pool a more fun and welcome places to all children and families in the Oswego community," said Mayor Barlow.  

The Charles E. Gallagher Pool is scheduled to open on July 6, 2018.  Public swimming is Monday through Friday 12:00 – 5:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 7:00pm.  Family swim is Monday through Friday 5:00pm – 7:00pm.  Children can also enroll in the Learn to Swim Program for swimming lessons at a reduced rate this year for City residents, from $20 per session $10 per session. 

The Charles E. Gallagher Fort Pool is located at 6 East Seventh Street, Oswego.  For additional information or questions please contact the City of Oswego.  For additional information please contact the pool at 315-343-3670.

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