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Mayor Barlow announces four Wheelchair Charging Stations placed in Oswego

Mayor Barlow announces four Wheelchair Charging Stations placed in Oswego

Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow announced today the placement of four wheelchair charging stations throughout the City of Oswego in an effort to better serve those who rely on battery powered wheelchairs and scooters as transportation in the Oswego community.  The installation of the charging stations follows a pledge by Mayor Barlow to improve the City of Oswego for people with physical disabilities by improving public space accessibility and offering more accommodations.  The City of Oswego purchased four charging stations to allow individuals with wheelchairs and battery powered scooters to easily explore the Oswego community without limitation.  The four power stations will be placed in Don Hill Civic Plaza in downtown Oswego, Veteran’s Stage along the West Linear River Walk, the Breitbeck Park pavilion and in Washington Square. 

“I am committed to improving the lives of those with physical disabilities in the Oswego community, and offering these charging stations throughout the community allows those who rely on battery powered equipment to navigate the City, enjoy our community events and take advantage of our City parks without worry,” Barlow said.  “As a community, we must take into consideration the needs of all Oswego residents when making decisions, including those who are restricted in their mobility for whatever reason.   We will continue to make Oswego a better and more inclusive community for everyone and we can start by improving handicap accessibility and giving all Oswego citizens the chance to enjoy our most valuable assets,” Barlow continued. 

ARISE Oswego County recently met with Mayor Barlow to discuss on-going changes in the City of Oswego and lobbied for charging stations to assist the community.  Sabine Ingerson, Regional Director for ARISE, acknowledged Mayor Barlow’s continuous support in improving the community for those with disabilities and the installation of the charging stations is a great step forward.  “We have a beautiful community and the installation of these four charging stations will ensure individuals who rely on battery powered wheelchairs can experience our assets without limitation.  We appreciate the support from Mayor Barlow for pursuing this meaningful initiative as we all work to make Oswego a better place for everyone,” she said.   

Jim Cronk, Peer Advocate at ARISE commented, “I am looking forward to watching the beautiful sunsets at Breitbeck Park without having to worry if my chair has enough battery power left as I will be able to connect to the charging station.”

Last year Mayor Barlow announced changes at the Charles E. Gallagher Fort Public Swimming Pool that included a handicap accessible splash pad to accommodate children with disabilities.  The City also provided a handicap accessible overlook at Breitbeck Park as part of the renovations to the Oswego Harbor Trail, and recently the New York State Department of Transportation improved handicap accessibility along the State Route 104 corridor crosswalks throughout the City of Oswego.   In July, Mayor Barlow joined community members and advocates to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act.

Pictured are: Sabine Ingerson, Regional Director at ARISE, Mayor Billy Barlow, Jim Cronk, Peer Advocate at ARISE, and Jim Karasek, Manager of Independent Living Services at ARISE

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