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Mayor Barlow identifies damage caused by high lake levels, will pursue damage assistance

City of Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow today announced that Oswego City government has identified specific areas of damage in the City of Oswego due to above average Lake Ontario water levels and flooding along the lake shore within the City limits.

Average water levels for Lake Ontario have been observed at much higher than normal levels, affecting existing shorelines, walls and structures. Under an emergency work order, the City of Oswego hired Delta Engineers to conduct a preliminary survey of the damages caused by the high-water levels and intend to pursue funding to help repair the damage and mitigate against additional damage should high water levels continue to exist in the future.

“We are trying to be proactive as we deal with the high-water levels, erosion, flooding and damage to our infrastructure. We’ve thoroughly investigated the damage that has occurred in the last few months, and we’d like it repaired. Equally important, we want to get ahead of this problem and pursue funding to implement damage mitigation improvements before our problems become more serious,” said Mayor Barlow. “We are coordinating with State and Federal Emergency management officials to make sure the City of Oswego’s issues and needs created by the high-water levels are at the forefront of conversations about available assistance and aid,” the Mayor continued.

Several areas in Oswego have been identified as receiving notable damage according to the engineering report conducted in July, including the shoreline behind Breitbeck Park, structural damage to the International Marina and West Side Coal Pier, significant flooding and damage to the Oswego Wright’s Landing Marina, erosion along the Oswego River shoreline and damage to a municipal storm sewer and pump station along Shore Road.

City of Oswego Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Randy Griffin has been closely monitoring water levels and coordinating the response for the City of Oswego. “The City has witnessed flooding to the 500-year flood stage that has weakened our infrastructure, impacted commerce, and has slowed tourism,” said Chief Griffin. Chief Griffin continued by saying, “The City will continue to work across City departments, along with our State and Federal partners, to identify ways that we can rebuild from this devastating event.”

The City of Oswego officials state the City will need to make considerable investments to restore the identified areas affected by the recent inundation of flood waters affecting City-owned property and infrastructure, and State and Federal assistance will be needed to help take the proper corrective actions.

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