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Check out the following upcoming events happening in the City of Oswego! So many amazing opportunities to take advantage of in our year-round destination of fun!


3rd Annual Go Bucs 5k Run/Walk

3rd Annual Go Bucs 5k Run/Walk Sep 28, 2018 Location: City of Oswego

Make It Happen Race Series Oswego, NY

Are you ready to "MAKE IT HAPPEN?"  Then you are in the right place!   The “Make It Happen 20k Race Series” is a combination the traditional 5k races of the Oswego County Autism Task Force (OutRun Autism 5K), Oswego Little League, Oswego Health Foundation, and the Buc Boosters (Go BUCS 5K), into a new 20k series.  This "first of it's kind" series in Oswego County is a one stop shop for all four events supporting four not-for-profit organizations promoting health, wellness, and community in our area.  

Registration fee is $100.00 for all four races and will include the first "Make it Happen 20k Race Series," lightweight signature jacket!   At the conclusion of the series, an overall race series winner will be determined.  The overall winners will be based on age group divisions and race time results from the combined four individual races.

If you have already signed up for the OutRun Autsim 5k Run/Walk via the individual race portal, you will have the option post-race to sign up for the remaining races and participate in the series via this site after April 7th, 2018. 


The race dates are as follows:

             April 7, 2018 – 3rd Annual OutRun Autism 5k Run/Walk

            June 1, 2018 – 4th Annual Oswego Little League 5k Run/Walk 
            August 11, 2018 – 3rd Annual Run for Your Health 5k Run/Walk

            September 28, 2018 – 3rd Annual Go Bucs 5k Run/Walk


Email Leo Babcock with any questions about the Series at  

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