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Mayor Barlow announces $108,000 awarded through 2nd Round of REVIVAL Funding

Mayor Barlow announces $108,000 awarded through 2nd Round of REVIVAL Funding

Mayor Billy Barlow announced today grant funding awarded to local businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the City of Oswego from the second round of funding under the city’s COVID-19 REVIVAL funding to assist with recovering from the pandemic. The pool of funding follows a $340,000 first round REVIVAL fund announced earlier this year from the City of Oswego’s American Rescue Plan allocation passed by the federal government in February. To date, including today’s announcement, the city’s REVIVAL fund has provided funding to nineteen different non-profit organizations, four civic clubs and over fifty different local businesses.

“Our REVIVAL fund has been extremely effective by assisting small businesses and local non-profit organizations with getting back on their feet and financially stable following the pandemic,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “I’m very proud of the fact that our administration quickly mobilized our resources to immediately assist our local partners when they needed it most. Due, in part, to the REVIVAL fund, Oswego’s local economy is still strong, and business is gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels,” Barlow said.

List of 2nd Round Awardees

Small Businesses

Burger Karate School - $7,000

Wayne Drugs - $5,000

The Cellar Door Brewery - $5,000

3.21 Salads - $3,000

Spizman’s Strength Systems - $5,000

Cheap Seats Bar N Grill - $3,000

161 West First Street Project - $3,000

VIBE 315 - $3,000

Blossom & Bloom Boutique - $5,000

The Ferris Wheel - $3,000

CAM’s New York Pizzeria - $3,000

J & J Café - $3,000

Wired Telecom - $3,000

Affordable Details - $3,000

Ace of Fades Barber Shop - $3,000

Sunset Yoga Studio - $3,000

DP Dough - $3,000


Not-for-Profit Organizations

Richardson Bates House Museum - $5,000

Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum - $20,000

Oswego Music Hall - $5,000

Oswego Humane Society - $5,000

St. Luke Health Services - $5,000

RSVP of Oswego County - $5,000


Julie Chetney, Director of Senior Services at St. Luke’s thanked Mayor Barlow and said, “the past two years have shown us the importance of having safe and pleasant outdoor space for residents to enjoy, visit, and simply get fresh air.  This Grant will help us improve upon our central courtyard allowing opportunities for our folks to enjoy and gather for years to come.”

Mark Wahl, President of Oswego Music Hall said, “the Oswego Music Hall greatly appreciates the COVID Recovery Grant funds provided by the City of Oswego. We’ve opened a full schedule of events as we bring back the diverse, high-quality performances we are known for. While in the process of restoring our pre-pandemic programming, we are spending more in advertising, artist guarantees and equipment while operating with less revenue as we still limit our seating capacity and require vaccinations. As such, the funds received from the City are vital to our recovery. We are proud to once again provide the best possible programming to the Greater Oswego Community, and thankful for the support Mayor Barlow and his administration have provided us not just now, but during and even before the pandemic.”

Rachel & Vince Morgan, Owners of Blossom & Bloom, a new boutique store set to occupy the former Office Tavern building, thanked Mayor Barlow and said “it has always been important to bring new businesses, jobs, and ideas into the local area to keep people interested and to keep visitors coming back. Us getting this grant would help tremendously in preparing our new space and being able to give back to the community by creating a unique edgy shopping experience that excites people every time they visit. We can’t wait to be a part of it by bringing you Blossom & Bloom Boutique to Downtown Oswego. We have been local to the area our whole lives and view the City of Oswego as an up-and-coming, lively area”

Rich Burger, owner of Burger Karate School said, “covid has hit us hard. It caused us to close our doors for 16 months. We know the importance of having a positive outlook during a stressful time. Karate provides that for all ages. As karate kas, we get knocked down seven times and get up eight. We appreciate the support from Mayor Barlow and the City of Oswego through the American Rescue Plan Grant that allows us to keep our doors open and continue servicing the members of our community.”

The city also used American Rescue Plan funding to administer its Heroes as Neighbors Program, providing down payments to front line workers, funded essential worker bonus pay and other pandemic-related initiatives.  For more information, visit the City of Oswego Economic Development Office at 44 East Bridge Street, Oswego.

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