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Mayor Barlow announces 2021 Good Neighbor Award Winners

Mayor Barlow announces 2021 Good Neighbor Award Winners

Mayor Billy Barlow announced today the winners of the 2021 Good Neighbor Awards, an award program created in 2018 to recognize homeowners in the City of Oswego who take exceptional pride in their property by caring for their yard, demonstrating care of their property or fully restore a dilapidated building. Additional criteria include caring for a neighbor’s well-being or participating on committees and volunteer activities that contributes to a positive change in a neighborhood. The awards program is designed to allow an individual to nominate a property owner in their community who makes a direct contribution to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.

“I congratulate the 2021 Good Neighbor Awards Winners on their very deserving award and recognition. These residents exemplify the very best of our city and make Oswego the wonderful community it is,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “On behalf of the entire community, I appreciate the care and pride they take in their property and all they do for the entire neighborhood,” Barlow said.

2021 Good Neighbor Award Winners

Darrell & Bobbi Carr, 46 East Albany Street – Darrell and Bobbi Carr are well known by many residents on the east side of Oswego to have a great looking property, immaculately maintained, improving the entire east Albany street neighborhood. Mr. Carr also routinely snow blows and cleans not just his home, but the entire city block for his neighbors.

Mike & Connie Cook, 89 West Schuyler Street – The Cook property is an easily recognizable home, always presented with charming decorations and a pristine lawn. Recently the Cook family made several improvements to the home, further beautifying not only their property, but the entire neighborhood. The Cook’s also keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood, caring for neighbors and preserving their neighborhood.

Sal & Liz Vasapolli, 40 West Sixth Street– Mr. Vasapolli took ownership of the iconic Wright’s mansion from a careless landlord who left the property in ruins. Sal quickly revitalized the entire property, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the home, while engaging the neighborhood in the process to ensure a final product the community could be proud of. Following completion, he hosted an open house, block party, car show event to highlight the positive changes in the neighborhood.

Pete & Barb DeCaire, 43 East Seneca Street – The DeCaire residence is a well known home, positioned at a busy intersection. For years, the property has always been a source of pride for the east Seneca Street neighborhood, welcoming visitors as they enter the Fort Ontario complex. The DeCaire’s take great pride in their property and have long cared for the entire neighborhood and neighbors.

Neighbors and community members were allowed to nominate their neighbors.  All nominations were vetted by the City of Oswego Code Enforcement Department and scored by City of Oswego Code Enforcers Daniel Breitweg, Nick Saternow and Josh Solazzo. Nominations opened in August and were due in early September. Mayor Barlow added the city intends to hold the awards program annually moving forward.

Pictured (LtoR):

Mayor Barlow, Mike Cook, Connie Cook - 89 West Schuyler Street

Mayor Barlow, Pete DeCaire, Barb DeCaire, Councilor Burridge – 43 East Seneca Street

Mayor Barlow, Bobbi Carr, Darrell Carr, Councilor Walker – 46 East Albany Street

Mayor Barlow, Sal Vasapolli, Liz Vasapolli – 40 West Sixth Street

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