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Mayor Barlow announces filing of lawsuit against Oswego Port Authority

Mayor Barlow announces filing of lawsuit against Oswego Port Authority

Mayor Billy Barlow announced today the City of Oswego has proceeded with the filing of a lawsuit  against the Oswego Port Authority for the sudden construction of a massive storage facility.  The new construction sparked criticism from the public for blocking the view of the lighthouse from multiple, popular vantage points and destroying the viewshed from the east side of the city.  The City of Oswego will argue the Oswego Port Authority did not go through the proper approval process to construct a facility.  In fact, the Oswego Port Authority deceived the community and regulatory agencies by constructing a different project than originally proposed.

“As a result of the Port Authority’s continued arrogance and incompetence, the City of Oswego has no choice but to proceed with our lawsuit.  The people of Oswego are extremely disappointed, and I intend to work on their behalf to do all I can to stop this absurd project,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “The Port Authority Board, Executive Director and hired design consultants did not go through proper protocols to build this structure and we fully intend to highlight the flaws in their plan, the misinformation they’ve disseminated and the deception they’ve orchestrated on their own community.” 

The construction of the storage facility was supposed to be halted last week while the Oswego Port Authority reviewed other design alternatives to avoid the destruction of the viewshed.  Barlow previously said he would wait to make his decision on proceeding with a lawsuit following the outcome of the Port’s review. A decision by the Port was due by the end of last week but has yet to be announced and construction on site never really stopped.

Mayor Barlow added, “I am hardly surprised that after a very brief pause, if any, the Oswego Port Authority has managed to develop no new ideas, no solutions and has determined there is no alternative to the massive structure currently under construction.  The Port Authority’s lack of creativity and transparency, coupled with an inability to adapt to the concerns raised by their neighbors is disappointing.  I question the Port's sincerity in taking an honest look at alternative designs and options.”

The City of Oswego has hired Syracuse based Hancock Estabrook, LLP to assist City Attorney Kevin Caraccioli with the litigation. The lawsuit will be filed in Supreme Court with a request for a Temporary Restraining Order to halt the construction while the Court considers the City’s legal action.

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