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Mayor Barlow announces revival of “Trees for Veterans” Program

Mayor Barlow announces revival of “Trees for Veterans” Program

Mayor Billy Barlow announced today the City of Oswego is reviving the “Trees for Vets” program as a way to honor Veterans in the Oswego community.  The program, originally created in 2009 by resident and Veteran Tom Galloway and Bill McCarthy, allows residents to donate a tree, dedicated to a Veteran, to be planted by the city.  Once planted, the Veteran will be recognized with a plaque placed next to the bottom of the planted tree. 

“The City of Oswego “Trees for Vets” program is a great way for the community to honor and recognize our Veterans,” said Mayor Billy Barlow.  “Originally created in 2009 by Mr. Tom Galloway, the program immediately planted approximately thirty trees.  Unfortunately, the program has sat dormant for some time, so I’m proud to work with our “Trees for Vets” Chairman Jim Cloonan, Tom Galloway and others to re-start the program and continue recognizing our Veterans,” Barlow said.

Earlier this year Mayor Barlow named Jim Cloonan the Chairman of the “Trees for Vets” program, tasked with re-starting the program. “Our veterans are the reason we remain the freest nation on earth and anytime we can salute the men and women who have served our nation with honor, I believe we should. I go back with Tom Galloway and the late Bill McCarthy a number of years and they are an exemplary example of service to country and reflect the honor each of our veterans deserve. Former Mayor Bateman a veteran himself, and Mayor Barlow have the interest of our veterans at heart and through the " Trees for Vets " program have established and continue to grow an everlasting tribute of gratitude to those whom we owe it all,” Cloonan said. 

Individuals wishing to donate a tree to recognize a Veteran should contact Code Enforcement Director Curt Miller at 315-342-2513 for an application and more information.  To participate in the program, the Veteran being recognized must be a city resident. 

Earlier this year. The Oswego County Federal Credit Union partnered with the City of Oswego to administer a similar program, allowing families to sponsor banners with images and information about local Veteran’s lining State Route 104 through downtown.

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