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Mayor Barlow proposes $90,000 in funding for OPD “Quality of Life” Patrols

Mayor Barlow proposes $90,000 in funding for OPD “Quality of Life” Patrols

Mayor Billy Barlow will be proposing additional funding for Oswego Police Department’s Quality of Life Patrols, geared toward addressing late-night disruptive or disorderly behavior.  The funding will be primarily used to place additional police officers in city neighborhoods for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and during the busiest weeks of the year for the remainder of 2019 and 2020. 
“We’ve spent a considerable amount of resources on revitalizing our neighborhoods and making Oswego a great place to live and raise a family, but we still have more work to do and issues to address.  By placing more police officers directly in our neighborhoods tasked with eliminating late night disruptions and addressing disorderly behavior, we are improving the quality of life for our residents and making Oswego a more desirable place for families,” Barlow said.  “Due to a recent uptick in late night disruptions, an increase in funding is necessary to allow for more police officers on our streets late at night and on weekends to deal with these issues promptly and consistently throughout the year. I look forward to seeing the positive difference the increased police presence makes in our neighborhoods for our homeowners,” Barlow said. 
Oswego Police Chief Tory L. DeCaire stated, “The Quality of Life Patrols will be responsible for outreach, deterrence, and enforcement of the applicable State and Local laws associated with the type of disruptive activity that adversely impacts our neighborhoods. By enhancing the patrols, coordinating efforts and through proactive enforcement, we hope to help quell any lingering issues with disengaged property owners, irresponsible residents and others who may have a general disregard of the expectations of our community neighborhoods.”
“Last fall, with the support of Mayor Barlow and Chief DeCaire, I proposed and we passed a Social Host Law to hold accountable those ‘hosts’ who knowingly allow the consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21 or illegal drug use in a residence under their control,” said 3rd Ward Councilor Kevin Hill.  “The Social Host Law is an effective tool to address disruptive or disorderly behavior in our neighborhoods, but it can only be effective when we have a sufficient police presence to consistently apply and enforce the law,” Hill said.  “By providing additional funding for Quality of Life Patrols, we can more effectively and consistently enforce not just the Social Host Law, but all of our laws, to improve conditions within our neighborhoods for all residents,” said Hill.

Mayor Barlow will ask for the additional funding during the October 7th Administrative Services Committee at 6:30pm. 

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