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Mayor Barlow proposes multi-pronged "Keep Oswego Clean Initiative

Mayor Barlow proposes multi-pronged

    Mayor Billy Barlow has proposed a multi-pronged initiative to protect the environment and reduce litter in the City of Oswego. Mayor Barlow's "Keep Oswego Clean Initiative" introduces an entirely new chapter to the Oswego City Code entitled Chapter 115, "Environmental Protection Code". The initiative will focus on preventing littering, banning smoking and vaping on city property, adds environmental protections and supports the New York States Plastic Bag ban set to take effect in 2020. The proposals included in the Keep Oswego Clean Initiative are:          
-Ban smoking, vaping and tobacco use on all city property and events
-Doubling the local fine for litter from $100 to $200
-Ban the sale and use of Styrofoam within city limits
-Support NYS plastic bag ban with “Keep Oswego Clean” reusable tote bags
"With the unprecedented growth we are experiencing in the City of Oswego, it makes sense to put forth initiatives that will keep our city clean, promote the health and well-being of our residents and protect our environment by banning toxic products and supporting New York State's plastic bag ban," said Mayor Billy Barlow.  "The Keep Oswego Clean Initiative will position Oswego as a regional leader by taking proactive steps to protect the environment, reduce litter, improve the condition of our city and promote healthy living," Barlow said.  
The “Keep Oswego Clean Initiative” packages all the proposed reforms into one proposal for the Oswego Common Council to consider. Mayor Barlow will propose the entire initiative to the Common Council on Monday, October 7th at 6:30pm, Oswego City Hall. 

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