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Bird E-Scooters

Bird E-Scooters are available through a mobile phone application and riders pay to use the scooter per minute.

Residents download the Bird app to their mobile phone, locate a scooter in the City of Oswego through GPS or designated pick up locations, and can ride scooters throughout the city.

Rides cost $1 to start, and 39 cents a minute after that. The electric scooters can be used on roads, in bike lanes and have a maximum speed of 15mph. Scooters must be parked out of the way of pedestrians and never blocking driveways. Riders are required to be 18 years-old and above to access the scooters. They are also encouraged to wear a helmet on every ride and required to obey all standard rules of the road.

The city has identified Wright’s Landing, Breitbeck Park, Oswego City Hall, Lakeside Park and other key locations and pick-up locations. All scooters are GPS’d and tracked daily, so stealing a scooter is not possible.  Also, individuals riding recklessly or causing issues with scooters can be banned from using the app to rent a scooter. 

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