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Key Contacts:

Curt Miller, Director of Code Enforcement/Plumbing Coordinator - (315) 342-1259
Jeff McGann, Planning & Zoning Director - (315) 342-8164
Code Enforcement Clerk - (315) 342-8265

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City Hall, Third Floor
13 West Oneida Street, Oswego
Phone: (315) 342-8265
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday thru Friday - 9 am to 5 pm

The Code Enforcement Department of the City of Oswego has adopted the 2015 International Code Compliance to its standards. The mission of Code Enforcement is to provide a safe environment for the citizens of the city of Oswego. We respond to complaints, issue violations, issue permits and enforce the adopted code. Please contact our office at (315) 342-8265 or [email protected] with any questions or complaints.

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